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Minimum Charge $35.00

30 Minutes $55.00

60 Minutes $80.00

This process will take several sessions.



Electrolysis Treatment: Preparation and After-care

The only medically approved treatment for permanent removal of hair is Electrolysis.

Electrolysis treatment is a method whereby a disposable, fine and flexible needle is inserted into the follicle from which the hair is growing, then an electrical current is passed through the needle for between two and ten seconds destroying growing cells by heat (thermolysis), chemical reaction (galvanic) or a combination of the two (blend). The hair in that follicle is then removed with tweezers. Cells which are unharmed by this treatment will grow a new hair which will eventually be treated during a later appointment and the hair will gradually grow more slowly and become finer and fairer until they stop altogether. Some people may have a genetic predisposition or imbalance in their hormones which produces an excess of hair and in these cases electrolysis can only be used to control the problem but in most cases by following a treatment regime hair removal is permanent. Ask for advice from your doctor for more help in this area.

Prior to an Electrolysis Treatment

Shaving five to seven days before a treatment appointment, tweezing and other temporary hair removal treatments around two to three weeks before an appointment are both okay (some people may be able to shorten these times). Once electrolysis treatments have begun however other treatments should be discontinued. If for some reason you find you have to use a temporary treatment this should be discussed with your therapist first.

Well hydrated skin can help the treatment be more effective so we recommend that the client drinks an ample amount of water in the week prior to their appointment.

No deodorants, creams or lotions should be used on the treatment areas on the day of the appointment.

If the pain factor is a worry for you take Tylonal or Advil  one hour prior to the appointment but don’t exceed the dosage instructions – the thought may be worse than the deed.

Don’t forget to apply numbing agents if this is your preference.

For any other queries you may have please get in touch with your therapist.

Following your Electrolysis treatment

For the first two days following an appointment we recommend the following:

Following treatment your skin follicles will be open and the skin sensitive with the potential for bacteria to enter. We will recommend an aftercare product which can be applied 3 times daily to the treated area with a fresh cotton bud for each application, continue this for 3 days. This will promote skin healing and prevent infection.

Do not use any temporary hair removal methods for one to two days.

To achieve the best results from your treatments keep up with appointments.

If you do find small scabs or ‘brown tops’ do not pick them off as they are part of the healing process – if you do pick them you may cause scar tissue.

For the next 1 to 2 days ensure the treated areas are clean and minimise heat or friction on the area.

To avoid any cross infection the area should not be touched with fingers for a minimum of 48 hours.

For the same reason do not use public pools, saunas or take hot showers or spas.

Do not sunbathe or use sunbeds or tanning processes for two days as these will affect sensitivity of the skin.

Exercise such as gym work and sport should not be undertaken for one to two days.

Do not apply any products such as lotions, deodorants, powders, body sprays etc. to the treated areas for 24 hours, unless they have been recommended by your treatment provider, as they are likely to cause irritation.

Small bumps, soreness and redness are all temporary reactions to the treatment and are perfectly normal especially after an initial appointment. These reactions should disappear over the following one to two days but if they do not please contact your therapist for advice.

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